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Kick off to The Emerald Project

So for anyone that knows me… you know I name everything. So we begin…

“The Emerald Project!”

I think that’s appropriate because so much of this “adventure” will begin in May, and the “Emerald” is after all the birth stone for May. (Let’s dig a little deeper into the meaning of the emerald at a later date – that might be interesting.) I only know about the birth stone of May because its always been an important month for me! It’s my birth month! It’s also my Mamma’s birth month, Mother’s Day,  & my anniversary! Generally we celebrate all month! We might as well right?

This year, May has meant SO much more! As we’ve got tons of changes coming our way; including 2 moves (see more detail in the “about me ” section) and as if that’s not enough, it will also be the end of an 18 year corporate job! YES WOW! Hold on tight, right! You ready for this!? I AM!!

It all started when our son (Jordan) graduated high school last year and went away to college (#BBN). We’ve always been open to the possibility of relocation.  That kind of just what you do in the business we’re in! We moved to the Virginia area 10 years ago (yes time flies when your having fun) expecting to only be here for 2 years.  The market crashed, my husbands company was bought out and 10 years later here we are. Now, that sounds worse than it was, the reality was that it actually worked out pretty well for us. We’re so thankful for the friendships and experiences we’ve been honored to have here, which were only possible by the extra time spend in the Greater Hampton Roads area.

As soon as Jordan graduated that meant that YES we were officially relocatable – RIGHT!?

In the meantime we decided down sizing and moving closer to the beach was a great start. Then quickly came the call… (while I was away visiting Jordan in Kentucky. Will called and said, “Hey Honey!? We are relocatable now, right?” I respond, “Sure Honey! Where are you thinking?” Will’s reply went something like this…. “Are you sitting down? What do you think about Montreal?” I replied “You mean Canada!?”

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