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Enjoying the Process

As we started this whole process, we encouraged one another to “Enjoy the Process!” Most of the time we have been able to but of course, there have been times that we’ve just been so focused on the destination that the enjoyment has been a struggle. All in all I think we had a good balance.

When we started this journey several people offered so much advise. Thanks to you all! It honestly helped! There were times, just before the move, that we would chat about how we couldn’t wait until we could enjoy the view at the beach. All the while we were sitting out by our pool with a beautiful view. One of us would gently remind the other that we have to embrace exactly where we are. Using the 5 senses made it easy to bring it back to the present moment. On our walks we focused more on our surroundings so we could fully enjoy the Blue Jays and the Cardinals; there were so many. We cooked dinner together in the kitchen and talked about all the family events & get togethers we had experienced in our home. I vividly remember one day take a nap thinking how it would be to walk up to an ocean view. I quickly reminded myself that I wasn’t there yet and didn’t want to get to the beach and realize I hadn’t enjoyed our final days in this home. So we enjoyed it up until the very last minute.

As we left our home of 10 years, I expected that we would all 3 experience a little sadness. But we didn’t as much as I expected! I think this is because we fully enjoyed it and completely knew it was time to let go. Not always an easy process.

So then we got to the beach! Oh My! I know my FaceBook friends were tired of it quickly. But honestly it just couldn’t help myself. It was so beautiful. The view of the sun setting every night. It’s totally different each night and it turned into memories I’ll always treasure; as the 3 of us walk the dogs along the beach. Honestly there were a couple of nights that I had tears in my eyes with pure happiness and delight. We all seem to quickly become just as intentional enjoying every moment. Of course the packing was (and is still) not so enjoyable but we’ve also taking time to enjoy each others company.

For the summer I’ll be unpacking and continuing to minimize; I’m totally using this opportunity to reduce! Such a job but feels freeing.

Here are some pictures at the beach! Can’t wait to share pictures of the place in Canada soon too!



Let’s talk about PACKING Baby!

I just need to tell you, this was extremely difficult to write. It definitely took some courage…The struggles are real!

First of all, we were seriously spoiled during our previous move. As part of our first re-location package (10 years ago) the moving company came in and moved us. When I say they moved us, I mean they did EVERYTHING. This move, NOT SO MUCH! As part of this relocation, we have to move ourselves. Frankly that’s asking a lot, doesn’t everyone know moving is really a big deal. Especially when you’ve lived somewhere for 10 years, and looking back I’m pretty sure we have been doing our part (and then some) to “Keep up with the Jones!” Now my friends, I’m paying for it. Boy do we have a ton of STUFF!

As we prepare to pack, who even knows where to begin. Especially when you are still not clear on when and where you’re actually moving. How do you expect me to be motivated when I don’t even know when we’re leaving. As many of you know, I’m a planner and a Project Manager by trade. But without all the information it’s been a bit of a struggle. In my role as project manager, it wasn’t uncommon to work with little to no information, frankly I always been able to provide creative “work-arounds.” My packing strategy thus far has been to pack as much as I can. But wait now I need something that I just pack, well unpack it and problem solved. Needless to say, I’m working in circles.

What else do you do with this kind of dilemma? Take it to FACEBOOK! My Facebook peeps gave me some great advise, many experts in the art of moving.

Their advise:

  • “Start with your storage areas” – Done!
  • “Keep only what’s necessary, if you find out you need it later borrow from a friend” That would have been a great idea, but instead I went through all the boxes until I finally found my printer.
  • “If you’ve not used something in the last week, pack it” – As soon as I did,  I needed it.
  • “Leave everything behind, and buy all new stuff when you get there” – I kind of like that idea! So tempting!
  • “Make yourself a hospitality kit – just keep out what you’ll use in the next 2 weeks and pack the rest.” – Love that!
  • “Pick one thing and focus on it, you have to prioritize” – totally true!
  • Advise from myself to myself: “Less time on FaceBook!”

Thank you to my experts, most of who are military wives!!!

So Instead, here I am writing a blog post. The good news is that this week I’ve been on a roll. About 10 boxes packed just this week…go me!!!

Thanks again to my moving experts. In full transparency this has been a difficult week. Though I’ve received great advice, and it seems so simple, there is an emotional element that makes all of this a little difficult. It’s through sharing and a great support system that I can continue looking forward.

Speaking of looking forward, we can’t wait for next week’s reveal, will it be more details about beach house or Montreal!? Stay tuned!


2012 Happiness Project!!

I’ve been considering starting up a new Happiness Project for 2012. I knew it was the right time after getting a text from my good friend today. She was asking me if it was The Happiness Project that I have told her she should read. Yes it is!! So we have decided that we will go through our Happiness Project together. What fun — someone to hold us accountable! I’m truly excited to start another The Happiness Project!! Starting September 2012 running though September 2013. Why September you ask? Because it is by far my most unfavorite (if that’s even a word) month of the year. The most pain in my life has been delivered in September for many years over. Even though this September will be no different in the bearer of bad news. What a perfect time to focus on what bring Happiness into our lives. What will this years Happiness Project bring…

Hello world!

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