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Bonjour! Hi!

First of all, I can not believe that it’s been more than 2 months since our last post. Time has totally gotten away from us. Whoever thought 2 moves back to back was a good idea was… WRONG! I totally under estimated what all would be involved. Needless to say we finally made it.

Right after we moved to the beach (I’m talking days later) Will headed to corporate housing in Montreal. Leaving ME with 3 dogs, our son (who was home from the summer from college), and a lot of boxes! Now, I’ve got to give will some credit, he did end up coming back to the beach twice to help me! Thank goodness! Needless to say we got EVERYTHING unpacked. We did end up purging a bit, tons of items we sold via garage sales, Offer Up, and Let go, and we also dropped off a ton at GoodWill.

Our son went back to school in mid August, giving me exactly one week to get everything completed before heading up to Montreal. Honestly, we finished packing for our final move right up to the last few hours before our departure. We already have plans to head back to the beach several times before the end of the year, mainly so we’re able to enjoy it!

Now I’m not sure if your familiar with Montreal; but English is not the first language. Which means we’ve got some French to learn. Every where we go, we are greeted with “Bonjour! Hi”, especially when we visit all those cute little boutiques. I’m pretty sure it’s more of a question than anything, as its a way to determine if you are a French or English speaker.

When we were shopping for a place to rent, as you might remember, I was only able to view these properties via FaceTime. Needless to say, Will did a great job picking a place for us to call home for the next few years. Although its more space then we truly wanted, it was the only place that we could find that would allow both of our dogs.

We’ve already start exploring the area and are excited to continue to share this journey.
In addition, I’m excited to start telling you about my other new adventure; WORK!




House Hunting for The Emerald Project

We’ve got it ALL planned out, a family weekend in Canada! Jordan and I are all set to met Will in Montreal. This will be a multi-purpose, fun filled weekend. Well so we thought!

I mean come on, who would have thought that we should have DOUBLE check Jordan’s passport to make sure it wasn’t expired. Yep! You guessed it! I found out this reality as I was attempting to check us into the flight the night before. Wait what? Yes! As I was checking into the flight the night before. So much for this house hunting and weekend exploring adventure. There is no way to get his passport expedited that quickly. Although you know we tried! I called the corporate number where I was advised YES they could set him up for same day processing of his passport, but there first available slot was for 6/14! We could go to DC have it made on the spot and yes there will be a hefty fee. But wait, why would we do that when we can just go to our local post office and pay $170 to get it expedited and get it back in 7 to 10 days. That’s quicker, RIGTH!? So needless to say, no FAMILY trip! At least not yet!

So yes, you know us we’re an all or nothing kind of family! But after a nights sleep and thinking through this a little more I thought, wait just a minute! We don’t have to go all out. Right? We need to look for a place to live when we do move to Canada. Couldn’t I just meet Will there to check out a few locations and then head back. At least then we could have a better idea of where we wanted to live when we do final move there. So who knew, but Montreal has this “practice” (yes lets call it a practice) that everyone moves on July 1st. So that puts pressure on us to find a place asap since it’s almost June.

So I start texting Will early Friday morning. Yes the morning that I was suppose to already be there. “Hey, Honey!?” I start out knowing this is going to be a sore subject! “I was thinking, we probably shouldn’t have canceled my flight! Maybe I should at least head up to look at houses with you today.” You even notice when your stressed and under extreme pressure that your reasoning just goes out the door?” Yep that happens to the best of us! His reply “Please, don’t tell me your are serious!”

So the arrangements are all re-set. I’ll head up for a quick trip (meaning flying there and back on the same day.) So I’ll work my tail off all day Thursday to get everything ready, so I can head out on this house hunting trip. Oh My!

Look ya’ll, I even dreamed that I missed this flight! So needless to say, I was ON IT! Woke up right at 3:45am! Up and at it! Showered and out the door before the suggested time of 4:30am. Got to the airport and through security with my handy dandy backpack! Easiest security check in history! Got to the gate with 15 minutes to spare!

Quickly they announced that there was an expected 15 minute delay. Which turned into a 3 hour delay. Which meant that I would not be able to make my connection in Washington-Dulles. THANKS UNITED!

But you know, we had said since this whole “adventure” started, if it’s meant to be it will happen. EASILY! So we marked it up as “not meant to be!” During our early morning text messages we came up with the acronym “TTP” = TRUST THE PLAN!

So, I called United got credit for my flight. As I was leaving I had to stop and pay for my parking.  One of the employees was literally dancing in her little booth. I even mentioned to the fell’a that I was paying that the dancing attendant was making the very best of her situation (dancing while she was stuck in that tiny booth for who knows how long!) I want DANCE! Don’t you!

I headed back home, reflecting on the “entertainment” of the morning. So I’m a big believer that everything happens for a reason. Now I know all too well, sometimes we don’t even know the reason. But I believe! So I’m taking the hour drive back home and I notice that I’m right behind this 18 wheeler with something written on the back of it. “In God We Trust.” GOD WINK!

Needless to say, we made the best of a tough situation, and we became that annoying couple that hunted for houses via FACE Time! Great save technology!

Kick off to The Emerald Project

So for anyone that knows me… you know I name everything. So we begin…

“The Emerald Project!”

I think that’s appropriate because so much of this “adventure” will begin in May, and the “Emerald” is after all the birth stone for May. (Let’s dig a little deeper into the meaning of the emerald at a later date – that might be interesting.) I only know about the birth stone of May because its always been an important month for me! It’s my birth month! It’s also my Mamma’s birth month, Mother’s Day,  & my anniversary! Generally we celebrate all month! We might as well right?

This year, May has meant SO much more! As we’ve got tons of changes coming our way; including 2 moves (see more detail in the “about me ” section) and as if that’s not enough, it will also be the end of an 18 year corporate job! YES WOW! Hold on tight, right! You ready for this!? I AM!!

It all started when our son (Jordan) graduated high school last year and went away to college (#BBN). We’ve always been open to the possibility of relocation.  That kind of just what you do in the business we’re in! We moved to the Virginia area 10 years ago (yes time flies when your having fun) expecting to only be here for 2 years.  The market crashed, my husbands company was bought out and 10 years later here we are. Now, that sounds worse than it was, the reality was that it actually worked out pretty well for us. We’re so thankful for the friendships and experiences we’ve been honored to have here, which were only possible by the extra time spend in the Greater Hampton Roads area.

As soon as Jordan graduated that meant that YES we were officially relocatable – RIGHT!?

In the meantime we decided down sizing and moving closer to the beach was a great start. Then quickly came the call… (while I was away visiting Jordan in Kentucky. Will called and said, “Hey Honey!? We are relocatable now, right?” I respond, “Sure Honey! Where are you thinking?” Will’s reply went something like this…. “Are you sitting down? What do you think about Montreal?” I replied “You mean Canada!?”

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