Month Two and My Accomplishments

Starting month two on my 2012-2013 Happiness Project. What a perfect opportunity  to start recognizing my weekly accomplishments. I have to admit I got this idea from one of my all time favorite mentors and have always wanted to incorporate in my own life. I’m also glad to say that my Happiness Project “partner” has decided to join me. Great encouragement for us both!

First things first… Starting our Happiness Project in September was a great idea. As I mentioned before September has always been “that dreaded month” for me. This year it had a much different feel. It was… happier!

Last month we focused on “Having more energy”

1.) Go to bed earlier 2.)Exercise more 3.)Simplify (AKA get rid of stuff, or at least get organized)

The truth be known I did go to bed earlier SOME. I started running again, got a membership at a gym closer to home, and even worked out there a time or two already! I’ll continue to keep these 3 goals in mind as we move into month 2.

October will be to “Improve Relationships” – not just with others but also with my self.

1.)  Give more gold stars (even to myself), 2.) Fight right (this one will be a work in progress – still researching but very excited about it) 3.) Give proof of love through signs of affection (did you know people who hug are happier in general?)

Through my Happiness Project – I’ll be sharing my weekly accomplishments! Keeping me honest as much as showing myself some love; not just for my success but also through my failures!

Last weeks accomplishments:

2 sessions in the gym

ran 2 days

walked 2 days

11 mile bike ride

Taught 2 yoga classes

Finished up my Macroeconomics class

Started my Business Law class

showed a little love with a hair cut

two soccer games – which I truly enjoy and makes me a proud mamma

2 hour meditation class

Dinner with my yoga girl – LOL!

Finally… checked out the sand castles at the beach

To everyone who made their way through all that… thanks for your continued support! I also want to encourage everyone to also start their own Happiness Project! Your always welcome to join in at any time! Until next time…



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First of all - How do you tell all about yourself in just a few lines! In effort to do so... knowing that I'll miss something very obvious. I'm a true believer, a deep thinking, a fun loving - mamma, wife, sister, daugther, grand-daugther, & genunie friend. By trade I'm a yoga teach, Project Manager, & Professional Coach! I'm the one always encouraging everyone to "step out of their comfort zone" for the sake of trying something new! Creating an experience! I've always heard that we teach what we need the most, always looking for win-wins! I love a good challenge, and most of all having fun! Through this blog I'm excited to be sharing our experiences. As so many of you already know, we enjoy new adventures and we excited to share. Our latest adventure is the purchase of our dream house (condo) at the beach! Well we thought that was our latest adventure. But now we're also selling our lovely home of over 10 years and relocating to Montreal. That's right my friends, Canada! For the record this is a career move not a political move! LOL! We're creating this blog to share our adventures in the hopes to inspire others to share their own adventures, but it's also our way to stay connected with each of you!! In an attempt to get started.... Bonjour (Hello) or should I say Au Revoir (Goodbye until we meet again!) View all posts by beckyjp5

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