Monthly Archives: August 2012

2012 Happiness Project!!

I’ve been considering starting up a new Happiness Project for 2012. I knew it was the right time after getting a text from my good friend today. She was asking me if it was The Happiness Project that I have told her she should read. Yes it is!! So we have decided that we will go through our Happiness Project together. What fun — someone to hold us accountable! I’m truly excited to start another The Happiness Project!! Starting September 2012 running though September 2013. Why September you ask? Because it is by far my most unfavorite (if that’s even a word) month of the year. The most pain in my life has been delivered in September for many years over. Even though this September will be no different in the bearer of bad news. What a perfect time to focus on what bring Happiness into our lives. What will this years Happiness Project bring…